blog-imageHello and welcome, if you are reading this you are tuning into my Maiden Blog Voyage!!

As you probably already know, I love, love to paint, play with clay, and take tons of classes from artists that I admire.  Learning has been a life long endeavor and has encompassed many careers. It is the culmination of life experience that I share in my classes and workshops and will in my “in the works” retreats.

I am an avid reader and a “watcher” of newly exposed information and world view.  Actually I went down the rabbit hole about six years ago, not sure if I have surfaced yet!  It has been a fascinating journey, learning about the true origin of our earth and we as human beings.  Those were my questions.  Who are we, how did we get here, why are things happening as they are?  What can I do about it?  And wow, information came fast and furious, and what is the real truth about all this?

“What can I do about it?”, the message in return became “be in love with yourself and your life”.  That has become the best way for me to move through this existence.  It has taken me a lifetime to come to this way of being.   May you be blessed to find your approach to your life a lot sooner than I!

When I realized that going inside, being with my Inner Creative Self was where the answers for me resided, it became easy to guide my Tribe to their own Inner Genius and their Inner Critic, for creativity and healing.  For some it was a destination they had never bought the ticket for, and others, it got them back to that center, it was familiar and an easy path to walk now whenever needed.

I hope you will return to my blog often. My promise to you, is to make it always informative and fun!  Ask questions, give me a topic to expound upon about paint, art, technique, world view, I will do my best to get you the answers you crave!


Much love to you and yours from Sharon Ann