About Me

I believe I have always been an artist in waiting!  When I was a child I was always making things, sewing things, painting, drawing, creating.  When I became a wife and mother, that morphed into creating colorful, eclectic and comfortable spaces for my family.  As my children grew and left my nest, I still had these nagging, overhanging tugs of responsibility to others, who had really outgrown constant mother care. I had set aside and blocked, my love of “just making art.”  Couple that with all those little voices in my head and outside my head, saying, “your art is not good enough”, “you will never be as good as…….”, “there is no time,” “you can’t.”  I had chosen to have my time and energy flow in other directions for most of my life, so those voices made sense while I was listening and comparing myself to others “out there.”

I chose to go to Art College, Foundation Studies, in my late fifties.  I lived next door to the college for three years. The vision I had of myself was of coffee cup in hand and bunny slippers, entering class each morning (coffee was always in hand, but I still owe myself the bunny slippers!) and immersing myself, getting messy in art busy-ness with fellow students, feasting on art history, and arranging gallery displays of our work for the public.  It opened a new world for me and since, I have only looked wider, higher and deeper. Color of Woman Studies with Shiloh Sophia McCloud, filled the space of my Heart.  Studying with Shiloh allowed me to identify what I had to offer.  It brought together for me over the course, the culmination of my love of painting, making art, my Wellness Training and Root Healing.

If you, like me in the past, have set aside and blocked your creativity, for any reason, come Paint and Play with me!  I would love to share with you how I cleared new ground for my “inspiring voices” that will create your joy and eliminate the “I cants” that dampen spirit.   Allow yourself the space to open to the colors and vibrations of a new personal creative world.  Your Inner Creative Genius is waiting for you to answer her calls.

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