Do you feel a call to awaken to your creativity?
Access the Genius of your inner creative healer through paint and play with Sharon Ann Creatives.

My Mission: Vulnerability and honesty allow healing and growth. My Clients are provided a safe, confidential and supportive, non-judgemental environment. All Root Healing Sessions and Intentional Creativity Workshops and Classes are facilitated with intuitive love and kindness to achieve ultimate transformations.

My life’s work, the gathering of experience and knowledge, has led me to the work of Color of Woman and Root Healing.  These trainings have provided the avenues to create joyful workshops, full of color and play, workshops that allow me, personally to flourish and grow and realize my own potential as a person.

It is the introduction to the “creative healer within us all” concept that I wish to share with all that attend my workshops. My background in the Healing Arts and Natural Health Sciences spans 21 years as a successful Naturotherapist, Acupuncturist, Herbalist, Registered Nutritional Consultant Practitioner, and Live Cell Blood Analyst. My practice also encompassed Homeopathy and Total Body Detoxification and a great knowledge of Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology.

In my search for deeper healing I was drawn to Emotional Clearing Techniques with the realization that if we do not as individuals, heal the emotional body, the physical will be stuck in an endless cycle of dis-ease. Trainings in Core Belief Engineering in 2003, and then PNRT, led to ROOT HEALING, a fast, deep,  proficient Process Therapy, to access the subconscious and the potential healing and freeing of mind, body and spirit. Root Healing has allowed me to get to the core of my beliefs and emotions and LET GO of trapped energies and blocks and create my world in a joyful, healthy, colorful and creative way.

“You are allowed to be both a masterpiece and a work in progress simultaneously.”

What We Do

All of my sessions and workshops begin with the introduction to our Inner Healing Genius, we go down deep to our roots and transform our stories.  We combine the principles and guidance of my training as a Root Healing Coach and Color of Woman Teacher, and the Intentional Creativity approach to our artistic longings, to illuminate in the truest sense that we are spiritual beings on an eternal quest. We open to an adventure in love that we get to design for our own individual journey. In our time together you can identify and allow your pleasure to be bigger than your fear of what it might look like.

Muse:   definition;   Your source of inspiration. Your Guiding Genius. Your art inspiring Spirit Source.  The stimulus for your inspired creative influence.  “To muse” is to consider thoughtfully. Guiding Spirit.

If, in resurrecting your Creative Muse, the awful pressure of responsibility for the outcome of your creative efforts could be lifted and by you, relegated to a silent state, giving comparison a blind eye, would you sit quiet for a while, to identify her/him, welcoming your Inner Creative Healer?  If tuning into that positive voice could be like turning the dark into Your Creative light, intrigues you, then please come spend two days with me. 

Learn to change pressure into breath and creative flow.  Let’s play in relaxed receptivity while expressing gratitude for our play and for the Creative Genius that is waiting for us all. Your Creative Genius will come alive on canvas, with acrylic paints, pens, and sparkle.  No painting experience necessary! You will paint and sign your connection into glorious being.

Come paint with me, Sharon Ann, Certified Color of Woman Teacher and Certified Root Healing Coach.

Step into that space deep within and allow yourself to color your world with no judgement or comparison. Open to your joy!

  • Monthly red thread creativity gathering – It’s Just Paint!

  • Two day painting workshop – The Genius of your Creative Muse

  • Root healing sessions