“Creative Thoughts Become Things…”


Welcome, I am so glad you have made your way here! To the place where you can access tools to go deep into your roots and find your Inner Creative Healer. She is that soft voice of wisdom, who resides in that place of peace and creative spark inside you. One she is longing for you to share.  Allow me to guide you to her through artful play and visualization, especially artful play! You will be amazed at what is possible with paint on canvas, in brushes and on your hands!

Work With Me

All of my sessions and workshops begin with the introduction to our Inner Healing Genius, we go down deep to our roots and transform our stories. We open to an adventure in love that we get to design for our own individual journey.


Your Creative Genius will come alive on canvas, with acrylic paints, pens, and sparkle. No painting experience necessary! You will paint and sign your connection into glorious being.

Root Healing Sessions

With Root Healing, I am home! It’s my deepest desire to share this beautiful therapeutic and healing experience with you through individual sessions as well as Intentional Creativity Painting classes.


A wonderful way to get to the root of what your body is asking for, as we gather together, explore our monthly theme, and evolve our practice of hands-on creativity for healing transformation.


The Art Workshop with Sharon Simpson aimed at finding out what gifts, purpose and intentions I have to bring to my community and to the world, and was certainly amazing!  It certainly met that and more.  Both the Affirmation Cards and the Medicine Basket were very relaxing, fun and very informative.  We had a great group of people whom connected in a very positive way.  Sharon’s wealth of information certainly helped me in this quest.

Thank you Sharon! You did an awesome job!   All the best, Irene G.

I would like to thank Sharon for this unique experience of her Red Thread Circle Day! With the Affirmation Cards, I have another understanding of the parts of me that get in my way and I am happy to have my Medicine Basket of treasures to remind me of who I also am! I really enjoyed the guided visualization. It was a powerful realization of what we can do to take control of our inner world. The art works are a concrete reminder to anchor my understandings. Thanks so much Sharon for the wonderful journey!
-Terry V.

Affirmation Cards and Medicine Basket Workshops
Dear Sharon, I thought the Affirmation Cards were and insightful look into my subconscious and an eye opening wonderful experience, thank you. The Medicine Basket was a realization of the power I have within and you conducted the Red Thread Circle and Visualization brilliantly, thank you. xoxox
-Cynthia D.

Just as soon as I said YES to attend the Two Day Painting Workshop, my creative juices became electric! I started sketching, ideas flowed freely. The Red Thread Circle and Visualization empowered, connected and grounded our group. Wow what an awesome start! Riding through the highs and lows, joys and frustrations, the Process seemed spellbinding at times. I gained a greater awareness of and receptivity to my Higher Consciousness Connection! My Legend Painting is called: “Our Lady (and gent) of Creation and Connection”. I eagerly await your next Workshop Sharon.
Thank you Sharon for your Inspiration and Guidance leading to Trance-formations!
Maria G.

“I thank you for having the session on the first anniversary of my mother’s passing. You were very calm and fully present through out the session. You helped me release a lot of that negative energy I had bottled up for a long time. The shift I find is I am not on edge with everything I do.
Today I consider it my rebirth!!! Again, thank you for the awesome session.”

Sharon Ann Art




Thoughts Become Things 2






To Love Ourselves

I sat in a group the other day of wonderful women, women who have witnessed my break downs, and build ups, allowed me to cry and recover and run for cover, expose my tender emotional belly and stick with me till it is soothed or transformed.    The topic of loving...

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Root Healing "Total openness, pure sensitivity, unconditional allowing: this is not something you, as a person, can do; it is what you , as pure Awareness, are." This is from our fearless Leader and teacher, Marc Beat.  "this is where you should be as a ROOT HEALING...

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