Two Day Painting Workshops

If, in resurrecting your Creative Muse, the awful pressure of responsibility for the outcome of your creative efforts could be lifted and by you, relegated to a silent state, giving comparison a blind eye, would you sit quiet for a while, to identify her/him, welcoming your Inner Creative Healer?

If tuning into that positive voice could be like turning the dark into Your Creative light, intrigues you, then please come spend two days with me. Learn to change pressure into breath and creative flow. Let’s play in relaxed receptivity while expressing gratitude for our play and for the Creative Genius that is waiting for us all. Your Creative Genius will come alive on canvas, with acrylic paints, pens, and sparkle. No painting experience necessary! You will paint and sign your connection into glorious being. Come paint with me, Sharon Ann, Certified Color of Woman Teacher and Certified Root Healing Coach.

Open to the Genius of Your Creative Muse

Muse: definition; Your source of inspiration. Your Guiding Genius. Your art inspiring Spirit Source. The stimulus for your inspired creative influence. “To muse” is to consider thoughtfully. Guiding Spirit.

Let’s Color Your World!

No painting experience necessary, all supplies will be provided. This is a two day painting workshop, running from 10 AM to 4 PM both days.

Your Investment: $99.00 and a dish to share with the group.

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If Your Creative Muse could help in removing performance pressure and anxiety, negative self talk, blocks, guilt, no matter what your creative endeavors, no matter what your level of experience, would you sit quiet for a while, to listen for her/his voice?


Sharon has a gift.  Before we started painting in the Two Day Painting Workshop, Sharon led us through a meditative journey, her calm, soft voice made it very easy to be guided through.  You can tell she has had lots of experience. Sharing with the other women during the Red Thread Circle made spending time with them more bonding, Sharon’s energy made it a safe place.  Painting itself was definitely an inner struggle at times.  Fear, frustration, not good enough and at times I wanted to just scribble and say screw this!  I tried to keep the inner chatter down and ask my painting what she needed.  It was also nice to be able to express this out loud to the group.  Sharon had many helpful hints to make my “woman” in the painting step out, again, lots of knowledge to share.  She makes you feel like she is on the same playing field as you , never a superior.  I truly did not want it to be over!  I was tired but I wanted to just keep going. I would highly recommend Sharon to others to experience this, for she truly has a generous heart.  I would even do it over again and again.

Love and light, Jennifer

Just as soon as I said YES to attend the Two Day Painting Workshop, my creative juices became electric!  I started sketching, ideas flowed freely.  The Red Thread Circle and Visualization empowered, connected and grounded our group.  Wow what an awesome start!   Riding through the highs and lows, joys and frustrations, the Process seemed spellbinding at times.  I gained a greater awareness of and receptivity to my Higher Consciousness Connection!  My Legend Painting is called: “Our Lady (and gent) of Creation and Connection”.  I eagerly await your next Workshop Sharon.

Thank you Sharon for your Inspiration and Guidance leading to Trance-formations!

Maria G.