Root Healing Sessions

Do you desire a purposeful, creative life? Satisfying relationships and optimistic outlook for the future? To step out of addiction?

The key that you have been seeking is within your very cells, the home of your Inner Healer who is waiting to be heard and witnessed in order to make your bodies innate wisdom available to you. Unblocking the energy there and releasing trapped trauma can free you to enjoy the life of joy and your own creative flow that you have been looking for.

I was there too. In my work as a Naturotherapist in my Wellness Clinic in Hamilton, Ontario, I had access to training, diagnostic implements and machines, microscopes, pills, potions, cleansing techniques, you name it, I tried it! All in an effort to clear my body and mind of blocked energies.

I realized that if I did not find a way to free up the trapped emotional energies and release cellular trauma, my body could be stuck in a cycle of dis-ease until it could not recover. I began to ask my higher self what was the answer? When the student is ready, the teacher arrives? This began my journey with Core Belief Engineering, which led to PNRT and now to Root Healing Therapy.

With Root Healing, I am home! 
It is my deepest desire to share this beautiful therapeutic and healing experience with you through individual sessions, as well as in my Intentional Creativity Painting classes. In all of my work we go deeply into the root of our story to create cellular transformation.

Get Down to the ROOT and Rise HEALING Sessions

“We are kept from the experience of Spirit because our inner world is cluttered with past traumas…As we begin to clear away this clutter, the energy of divine light and love begins to flow through our beings.” Father Thomas Keating

How does it work?  

As your Certified Root Healing Coach I will speak the language of the head to undo its tricks and traps, the language of the heart, to clean out the corners and reconnect it, and the language of the body itself to get the deepest charge to flow out.
Root Healing’s basic process is in four stages that looks like this: We come into a session with a problem/issue/symptom.  With a goal in mind for the session we clear all thoughts around the problem/issue/symptom.  We then discharge all the emotions attached to the problem/issue/symptom are discharged.  The process completes with a body filled and surrounded by and energy field filled with light and healing; because once you see, feel deeply what is there, and the resistance, the pushing against it, layers of trapped energy are free to flow out, discharge and disappear. Your body, at physical and ethereal levels, is then able to begin to repair and heal itself.

May painting and creativity have blossomed into work I could not have believed a few years ago.  In my workshops I share with participants how to access the Inner Healing and Creative Genius that resides at the Root of our Being. All my training has allowed me access personally to these beautiful therapies so that I now live my life in the space of self love. Root Healing is a profoundly simple emotional healing technique.  Allow yourself to claim the inner peace, joy, success and creativity here, in this existence, that is our Birthright.  Are you ready to start claiming yours?

Contact me about a Root Healing Session today.  Each session is a relatively simple 1 to 2 hour process, facilitated over Skype, in the privacy of your own home.



“I went deep with Root Healing because I wanted freedom. Aware that emotional burdens were weighing me down, blocking my path to personal and business success, I took the bull by the horns and jumped on it.
As a female, I learned it was not allowed/not safe to express “negative” feelings of any type like anger/resentments…just smile sweetly, stuff it all down, repress and deny how I really felt when I got “hurt”.

So they built up! I suppressed them in a never ending horrible cycle. I felt so fake. But sometimes emotions came bursting out anyway and Shook me to my Soul. For years I didn’t realize they created a giant wall to my success in relationships (wrong guy syndrome) and in business (not good enuf). They also showed up in my body as pain and heaviness!

I’ve spent half a lifetime trying to resolve these feelings, using many modalities. Honestly some of them were helpful but I found with Root Healing and Sharon’s guidance and encouragement, old resentments, anger and helplessness are completely cleared! I feel free to create my Heart’s Desire of financial success. I see a clear path to Joyful Gratitude in my relationships. After doing Root Healing my body feels light and my mind is calm. That’s a complete 360. Thank you Sharon, I wholeheartedly recommend this great work!”

-M. G.


“I thank you for having the session on the first anniversary of my mother’s passing. You were very calm and fully present through out the session. You helped me release a lot of that negative energy I had bottled up for a long time. The shift I find is I am not on edge with everything I do.
Today I consider it my rebirth!!! Again, thank you for the awesome session.”