It’s Just Paint!

Are you feeling more than ready to add a little paint and sparkle to your afternoon?

Join me, Sharon Ann, for an introductory practice of Intentional Creativity and immerse yourself in play and transformation. Affirmation Cards are a lovely way to turn negative thoughts into a positive outcome, as well as be in community with a tribe of like-minded Positive Seekers to support you in taking these steps into a new way of accessing your Inner Creative Genius.

Your Muse will guide you as we visualize and create our connection to the wisdom within we are seeking for healing and exploring our current monthly theme. This is a wonderful way to get to the root of what your body is asking for, and one that you will find yourself returning to again and again as we gather together and evolve our practice of hands-on creativity for healing transformation.


How it works:

A monthly Red Thread session with painting, visualization and chocolate! Each session will vary, but expect to gently engage your creativity on watercolor paper, with acrylic paint, pens and sparkle through a method of visualization, inquiry and creation. 

We begin with a loving, soothing, visualization where you take those pesky “I can’t’s”, go inside and change them into the positive outcomes your inner muse lovingly guides you to, and proceed through our time together in deep inquiry combined with the release and freedom of paint and play. You will leave with your own hand-crafted set of your affirmations that now witness what you have discovered is needed for your inner well-being, so you can access this uniquely personal wisdom tool whenever you need to. Your cards will also be cradled in a colorful carrying package, tied up nicely with the red thread and all fashioned in playful gratitude.

No painting experience necessary, all supplies will be provided.  An afternoon workshop from 1-4, scheduled monthly. All sessions will vary. Cost $20.


The Art Workshop with Sharon Simpson aimed at finding out what gifts, purpose and intentions I have to bring to my community and to the world, and was certainly amazing! It certainly met that and more. Both the Affirmation Cards and the Medicine Basket were very relaxing, fun and very informative. We had a great group of people whom connected in a very positive way. Sharon’s wealth of information certainly helped me in this quest.
Thank you Sharon! You did an awesome job! All the best,

-Irene G.

I would like to thank Sharon for this unique experience of her Red Thread Circle Day! With the Affirmation Cards, I have another understanding of the parts of me that get in my way and I am happy to have my Medicine Basket of treasures to remind me of who I also am! I really enjoyed the guided visualization. It was a powerful realization of what we can do to take control of our inner world. The art works are a concrete reminder to anchor my understandings. Thanks so much Sharon for the wonderful journey!

-Terry V.

Affirmation Cards and Medicine Basket Workshops
Dear Sharon, I thought the Affirmation Cards were and insightful look into my subconscious and an eye opening wonderful experience, thank you. The Medicine Basket was a realization of the power I have within and you conducted the Red Thread Circle and Visualization brilliantly, thank you. xoxox

-Cynthia D.