“The best way to better the world around me is to better myself”


blog-twoLet me create a little scenario for you.  Use your imagination for a moment and see yourself in a department store with your parents at say, age 4.  Your parent says you cannot have something you really want, and you throw a tantrum, your parent unwittingly pronounces with a raised voice and stern face, “you don’t deserve it!!”.  Flash into other incidents where you are told you are not pretty enough, smart enough, good enough.  These incidents are subversely programming your SUBconscious mind, the part of the mind that can run all internal systems like a machine and paint a picture at the same time.

Skip ahead 25 years or so. You may be on the threshold of a new job, a job advancement, a new relationship, new and wonderful success, great new steps to a new, healthy body, and abundant life.  And all of a sudden, glitches, set backs, relationship squabbles.  Your behaviour becomes erratic, unprofessional, your employer notices, your partner is stepping back in your relationship.  What’s happening you ask yourself?  Could you be reacting to past programming, real and perceived trauma?  Could it be that your SUBconscious minds’ programs conflict with your SELFconscious minds desire? That desire to be successful and happy?

While your SELFconscious mind is positive and hopeful about the wonderful opportunities you are creating, the recorded message from your parents unwitting comments, for example, in the store, “You don’t deserve it” are your reality.  Also in other experiences perhaps, “your not worthy, smart, pretty”…has SUBversely programmed your SUBconscous minds behaviour to be undeserving, not worthy, not pretty enough, not smart enough, not good enough.

Lets back up a minute.  Let’s go back to earlier stages in our lives, why is this happening?

The first six years of a child’s life are spent in a hypnotic trance.  A child’s perceptions of the world are directly downloaded into the SUBconscious mind during this time without discrimination and without the filters of the analytical SELFconscious mind which doesn’t fully exist at that point in development. In our mother’s womb we downloaded a complex chemistry of maternal emotions, signals, hormones and stress factors that cross the placental barrier and influence fetal physiology and development. If mom is happy, sad, fearful, the fetus is influenced.  If the mother for example thinks thoughts of rejection towards her fetus, the fetal nervous system programs itself with the emotion of rejection.

Between the age of birth through 6 the most influential perceptual programming of the SUBconscious mind occurs.  During that time the child’s brain is recording all sensory experiences as well as learning complex motor programs for speech, crawling, standing and advanced activities like running and jumping. We download massive amounts of information about the world and how it works, our sensory systems are fully engaged.

The SUBconscious mind runs these programs 95% of the time.  We have been told that our mind has only 5% consciousness available to us at any time and that mostly it is unaware of this SUBconscious programming.  That only what we see and touch and hear on the outside is real.

I believe that this is a purposeful misconception that keeps us from getting in touch with the mechanism that can change our reality, with our SUBconscious mind power.  This allows us, if we are unaware to be “programmed”, ‘stay programmed’ and locked out of the innerstanding that we can heal ourselves, emotionally and physically if we choose.

On my next Blog Post, I will discuss ways of activating the Innerstanding that we all possess, and ways to access it, work with it.   This inner energy has been waiting for you to recognize its existence.  I will explain ways to go inside and have that meaningful conversation with your SUBconscious mind and start to clear the energy blocks and programming.  Let’s create your abundant, happy, healthy life to its fullest.

(This Blog Conversation has been inspired by and excerpted from the recommended book, “Spontaneous Evolution”.)