What is your inner creative healer?

Welcome, I am so glad you have made your way here! To the place where you can access tools to go deep into your roots and find your Inner Creative Healer. She is that soft voice of wisdom, who resides in that place of peace and creative spark inside you. One she is longing for you to share.  Allow me to guide you to her through artful play and visualization, especially artful play! You will be amazed at what is possible with paint on canvas, in brushes and on your hands!

For a long time, like you, I wondered how to give in to the possibility of happiness.  A happiness grounded once and for all in freedom and clarity, without my past and present problems weighing me down. Throughout my search for the Wellness Therapy that was “thee one” that would get me there, I realized that the world can squeeze tight that sense of possibility if we listen to it, instead of our own hearts and what I call our Inner Creative Healer. 

I have learned that accessing your very own healer within is easier than you think.  She is waiting for you. In fact, she lives in the hope that you will seek her out and finally recognize her, so that her truths can be revealed and her voice can be truly transformed into one of inspiration.  And you too can learn the beautifully simple tools to access her creative inspiration and wisdom. When you do, your Inner Creative Healer will be the blessing and the partner you need to bring yourself to the creative healing you desire.

What is needed first is to allow your body to speak.  Together we get down to the ROOT of the problem and rise HEALING.  We become clear of past trauma and drama so that your present is open to joy and productivity.  We Listen, release, transform through creative self expression.  And the best part?  Your creative endeavors will mirror your newly uncovered inspirations. In the center of YOU is calm. This is where your Inner Creative Healer abides.  In my classes and workshops we will meet her so that you can hear what is needed for you both in this moment.

I realized in my search for joy and peace, gathering knowledge and experience, that life is like a painting. Really!  Paint, colors and strokes, like thoughts can be eliminated, changed, they can be cancelled and thought again. When was the last time you picked up a brush and allowed your body to speak through it?  Or allowed yourself to get “messy”, paint on hands, hands on canvas, and let your body move through a voice from deep within.

One of the keys to let you in, no matter where you are on your creative path and what it is you need to heal in this moment is… it’s just paint! Change the color, change your mind!

My Story

One of my personal first processes was about being told as a child, I was stupid.  We uncovered the reasons why, that when I have been on the threshold of really succeeding in my chosen work, I stop right when I would be able to burst onto the scene and be seen as successful. My release from the negative energies of this cellular memory was profound.  The energies around my body and mind have expanded positively.  I no longer feel encapsulated by the fear that I would be seen as a “fraud”, “stupid” and did not deserve to succeed.

My painting and creativity have blossomed into work I could not have believed a few years ago.  In my workshops I share with participants how to access the Inner Healing and Creative Genius that resides at the Root of our Being. All my training has allowed me access personally to these beautiful therapies so that I now live my life in the space of self love.

Root Healing is a profoundly simple emotional healing technique.  Allow yourself to claim the inner peace, joy, success and creativity here, in this existence, that is our Birthright.  Are you ready to start claiming yours? Contact me about a Root Healing Session today.  Each session is a relatively simple 1 to 2 hour process, facilitated over Skype, in the privacy of your own home.

Do you desire a purposeful, creative life? Satisfying relationships and an optimistic outlook for the future? To step out of addiction?

The key that you have been seeking is within your very cells, the home of your Inner Healer who is waiting to be heard and witnessed in order to make your bodies innate wisdom available to you.  Unblocking the energy there and releasing trapped trauma can free you to enjoy the life of joy and your own creative flow that you have been looking for.
I was there too. In my work as a Naturotherapist in my Wellness Clinic in Hamilton, Ontario, I had access to training, diagnostic implements and machines, microscopes, pills, potions, cleansing techniques, you name it, I tried it! All in an effort to clear my body and mind of blocked energies. I realized that if I did not find a way to free up the trapped emotional energies and release cellular trauma, my body could be stuck in a cycle of dis-ease until it could not recover.

I began to ask my higher self what was the answer?  When the student is ready, the teacher arrives?  This began my journey with Core Belief Engineering, which led to PNRT and now to Root Healing Therapy. With Root Healing, I am home!  And it is my deepest desire to share this beautiful therapeutic and healing experience with you through individual sessions, as well as in my Intentional Creativity Painting classes.  In all of my work we go deeply into the root of our story to create cellular transformation.