Root Healing

“Total openness, pure sensitivity, unconditional allowing: this is not something you, as a person, can do; it is what you , as pure Awareness, are.”

This is from our fearless Leader and teacher, Marc Beat.  “this is where you should be as a ROOT HEALING COACH  from here you can lead a session.”

In a ROOT HEALING session, we start with the Problem, an Issue, a Symptom. EG: “I am much too much influenced by what other people think of me”.  This problem may be narrowed down by a story, perhaps you have made a particular decision in your life that others don’t agree with.  You feel that you are being treated like a child. The strength of the problem is quantified, as a number for its strength,  1-10, 10 being the strongest. You will be asked what your goal is for the session. This might be, “I want to live without worrying about how others think I should live my life.”

As the client, you would be asked to breath deep into your belly, relax into and repeat the problem in your mind.  Thoughts about the problem will come up, you would be asked to feel them deeply, keep feeling them till all thoughts and feelings about the problem no longer have any charge.  (One thought about this problem might be, “I am too weak to not care what people think of me.” )  All the thoughts that come up can be spoken out loud or just stay private in your mind to be cleared, one by one.  These sessions are facilitated over Skype or in person and you are encouraged to allow yourself to be verbal, emotional, within the privacy of your own environment, or keep thoughts and emotions personally clearing within your mind.

You will then be asked to feel the EMOTIONS that come up about the problem.  One of these emotions might be “frustration.” Again, these can be spoken or stay private in your mind to be discharged one by one.

The Survival Instinct that is attached to this problem is identified, and discharged.

Then Trapped Energy held in the body concerning this problem is located and discharged.

When these steps are completed fully, you will be asked to create a new energy within which to live your life from that moment on.

This is a simplified version, of course, of the process, but it IS elegantly simple, the changes are cellular penetrating effective, and permanent!

The process takes less than two hours. I have benefited immensely from my own Root Healing sessions and I am so excited to be able to offer Root Healing to my community and to the world through Skype.